Kovács Gábor 3 


senior research fellow

Email: kovacs.gabor at abtk.hu


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Hungarian Philosophy

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+36 1 224 6700/4191
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political philosophy, green political thought, cultural criticism

Research project


Running research projects:

The tradition of “sensus communis” in the Hungarian thought: Philosophy and the public realm; public philosophy, national philosophy, national characterology. NKFIH-number: K 135 638, OTKA-project: researcher. Principal investigator: Béla Mester.

Westernisers and "Narodniks". Dichotomous Identity-Generating Narratives in the 19th-20th-century Polish and Hungarian Intellectual History (2020-2022). Bilateral project: researcher. Principal investigator: Béla Mester.

The migration of ideas and the formation of national philosophical traditions: dialogues across the borders / Миграция идей и формирование национальных философских традиций: диалоги поверх границ (2020–2022) (No. 20-511-23002). Bilateral project: researcher. Principal investigator: Béla Mester.

Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) concepts – Philosophical, Sociological and Historical Analyses. (2020–2022). Bilateral project: researcher. Principal investigator: Borbála Jász



Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös University Budapest

Selected publications from the last five years


Kovács, Gábor: ’It is possible to attain truth through a way paved by lies’ – the historical trajectory of communism from compassion and truth-seeking to the totalitarian terror, In: Petkovšek Robert, Žalec Bojan (szerk.) Truth and Compassion: Lessons from the Past and Premonitions of the Future, Münster: LIT Verlag, 2017. pp. 103–110.

Kovács, Gábor: From The Guilty City To The Ideas Of Alternative Urbanization And Alternative Modernity: Anti-Urbanism As A Border-Zone OF City-Philosophy And Cultural Criticism In The Interwar Hungarian Political Thought, SANTALKA: FILOSOFIJA KOMUNIKACIJA / COACTIVITY: PHILOSOPHY, COMMUNICATION 25: pp. 99–109. (2017)

Kovács Gábor: Két part között mindörökké, Budapest: Liget Műhely Alapítvány, 2018, 318 old.

Kovács, Gábor: Burghers, Intellectuals, and Gentries. The Utopia of Alternative Modernization in the Interwar Hungarian Populist Movement: László Németh, Ferenc Erdei, and István Bibó, ACTA UNIVERSITATIS SAPIENTIAE SOCIAL ANALYSIS 9:1, (2019) pp. 71–84.

Kovács, Gábor: National Characterology in the Interwar Hungarian Thought, FILOZOFIA - BRATISLAVA 75:1, (2020), pp. 40–50.