The Modern History of Philosophy and Intellectual History Research Group combines complex historiographic methodologies and interdisciplinary approaches in researching the 19-20th century European and Hungarian history of philosophy and intellectual history. The research group develops the Hungarian Archives of Philosophy, involving both unpublished manuscripts and novel research methods in humanities (e.g., network analysis).

Current Areas of Specialization (AOSs):

  • Contemporary European Philosophy, with a special focus on its origins in the post-Hegelian German and Austrian philosophy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.
  • The emergence of modern philosophy in Hungary, its various local historical traditions, as well as its relations to contemporaneous philosophical and intellectual currents of thought in Europe.
  • Methodology, theory and history of writing the history of philosophy.

Jász, Borbála

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Szabados, Bettina

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Varga, Péter András (research group leader)

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