Both Ferenc Hörcher and Béla Mester published a study in the volume Anthropologische Ästhetik in Mitteleuropa 1750–1850 - Anthropological Aesthetics in Central Europe 1750–1850, edited by Piroska Balogh and Gergely Fórizs, and published by Wehrhahn Verlag, in its series Quellen und Forschungen zum 18. Jahrhundert. Ferenc Hörcher’s co-authored chapter is entitled "The Scottish Discourse on Taste in Early 19th-Century Hungary: Two Translations of Hugh Blair's Introduction to Rhetoric," co-authored by Kálmán Tóth. Béla Mester’s chapter is entitled "The Role of Aesthetics in the Works of a Professor at a Calvinist College. A Case Study on József Rozgonyi (1756–1823)."