2013/1.: Gábor Gyáni: The Historian as a Judge (text in Hungarian)

2013/2.: Ryszard Legutko: European Democracy and European Democracies

2013/3.: Ferenc Hörcher: Aesthetic Ideas and Practice in English Renaissance Court Culture - The Case of Sir Philip Sidney

2013/4.: Walter Schweidler: The Slave in Ourselves - On the Importance of the Aristotelian Concept of Slavery for Political Legitimation

2013/5.: Robert Grant: Michael Oakeshott - Literary Culture and British Conservative Thought

2013/6.: Dániel Golden: Imre Lakatos and the Dialectical Logic of Scientific Discovery (text in Hungarian)

2013/7.: Marek Hrubec: A Critical and Participatory Conception of Practical Philosophy

2014/1.: Dániel Schmal: Descartes on Corporeal Memory (text in Hungarian)

2014/2.: Mojca Küplen: Kant, Ugliness, and Aesthetic Ideas

2014/3.: Ágoston Guba: Psychic Causation in Plotinus: the Case of the Sight (Enn. IV. 5. [29]) (text in Hungarian)

2014/4.: Gábor Szécsi: Mediated Community and Social Capital in the Information Age (text in Hungarian)

2014/5.: Paul Richard Blum: How to Think with the Head of Another - The Historical Dimension of Philosophical Problems

2014/6.: Mihály Vajda: Defence against Recollection (text in Hungarian)

2014/7.: Gábor Kovács: István Bibó's study of 1948 entitled Jewish Question in Hungary after 1944 from the perspective of the philosophy of social recollection (text in Hungarian)