The History and Philosophy of Science research group of the Institute of Philosophy cordially invites you to the following workshop:

"The Uses and Abuses of Mathematics in Early Modern Philosophy"

Venue: Institute of Philosophy, Research Centre for the Humanities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 30. Országház Street
Date: 10th March, 2015.

9:50: opening

10-11: Ákos Sivadó: Strength in numbers: How political arithmetick shaped society
11-12: Dana Jalobeanu: Baconian science versus Newtonian science: Revisiting the Kuhnian divide

12-12:30: coffee break

12:30-13:30: Gábor Zemplén: Newton's strategic maneuvering and the historical epistemology of his first optical controversy

13:30-15: lunch break

15-16: Eric Schliesser: Anti-Mathematicism in the 18th century
16-17: Steffen Ducheyne: Petrus van Musschenbroek and empirico-mathematics

17:15-17:30: coffee break

17:30-18:30: Charles Wolfe: Vital anti-mathematicism: Mandeville, Buffon and Diderot