The Research Group for Epistemology focuses on philosophical questions concerning knowledge broadly construed and, in particular, those changes which are entailed by information technology revolution. Our research areas of high priority include collective epistemology, cognitive and digital knowledge architectures, artificial intelligence and learning theories, embodied cognition, and meta-philosophy. The interaction between epistemology and cognitive science, peculiar philosophical questions about cognition as well as its epistemic and logical means are crucial in our research, in addition, our research group intensively investigate the epistemic status of philosophical knowledge in general.

The horizon of our investigations stretches beyond analytic tradition (in a strict sense) and incorporates historic, hermeneutic, and phenomenological accounts. Discussions about representationalism (a vivid tradition from the times of Descartes) provide the main ground for our ongoing studies. Our research addresses recent debates in epistemology, reconsidering their results both for the historical and the analytical traditions. Historically, there is a particular emphasis on the evolution of linguistic and other representational means and their impact on epistemological attitudes and methodologies. Lessons from our investigations pave the way towards an epistemological theory for science and the humanities.

Bernáth, László

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